As in every enterprise you will end up with items that has fulfilled their purpose or still worse, things that should not been bought in the first place.

(I sincerely hope my wife is not peeking in :-) )


Interested?  send an e-mail to: christian at racetech dot se




Disc and calipers with pads (carbon-carbon) for a Beneton F1, but I do not know if it is for B194 or B195.












Rear uprights to suit Lola race cars. Type designation T594. These are for inboard brakes but can be modified to suit outboards brakes (as on mine T598C).



I do have a lot of other stuff for Lola sports car.






There were some discussions during the beginning of Swedish sports car race series that we should have "long-distance" race heat with driver change, and refueling during the heat. So we bought some quick refueling equipment, which in the end was never used. Perhaps someone else has usage for it?



















For the REYNARD 853 I am looking for the correct wheels, DYMAG as seen in the picture to the left, anyone got a set available?













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