What do you get if you take the body from a Scirocco,

the front end from a SAAB 9000 and mix it?


Yepp, Saab + Scirocco = SAAROCCO !!!!


The inspiration to this car are the GroupB-cars, especially Peugout Turbo16.


Well, we will use the KISS principle (=keep it simple, stupid), just RWD.


Thanks to SFRO the target is to have it street legal, classified as an "Amateur-build Vehicle".



.... soon .......


The weight as a skeleton (without doors, tailgate, windows and fuel tank) but most of hardware is 693 kg which is split 38/62. With a driver, 767 kg and the split changed to 39/61. As the fuel tank will be between the seats and the engine there will be a lot of weight on the rear tyres. Good for traction, but how will it handle?

A nice suspension setup can solve that, perhaps! Anyone willing to sponsor us with an Öhlin setup.... :-)















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