Rebuild of Sweden's fastest LOLA/SAAB


November 2001


After some months of rest with my left foot in a high position I am now in that shape so I can start to use my toolbox again! Even if the task ahead of me is not of the most positive kind, I have decided that the car must be rolling on the tracks again.
Therefor a complete dismantling was the first thing to do.
I have taken some pictures and these can be seen below.

By the way, the Lola wasn't the first car I lost on the track, take a look:






Yepp, Kinnekulle Ring hasn't changed much in 30 years ............






I have to confess, this is taking much more time than I anticipated...... BUT, it is not the time that is missing, it's more the motivation! To try raise this lack of motivation I visited the race at Karlskoga, where I met the "RS-gang". It was very refreshing to meet them, and I understood how much I missed the social gathering in the pits. Just a pic to show you what I mean:


This is the way to have a really nice race weekend!!














I must also add that the condition of some of the cars competing in the historic classes are truly amazing, have a look at these:






Slow progress, but still progress....










Had to install/reinstall mounting points for the rear subframe, felt good to use fresh adhesive (HYSOL3000)





As every wet race meant wet racing shoes I tried to make a solution which hopefulle could keep my feets dry (wishbone sealed with gear shift gaiter from VW Golf!)




Always wanted a "floor" under my engine.





A new solution for the steering wheel sensor was needed, a proper tooth belt.



Had to make a new cover for the battery, did a design in CAD and "printed" it with SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). This was also done for the instrument panel and cooling ducts for the front brakes.


New brake lines in front and to the rear.




Starts to look like a proper race car! Weight reducing items, titanium screws for the exhaust flange


I like these old decals, need to make some new ones.




A redesign of the wheel speed sensor was needed, the old one (which used the bolts on the hat to the brake disc) never lasted especially long (test in lathe (33MB!)).




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